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Purchase a Jump Sport trampoline and have us install it.  

​We recommend Jump Sport for the absolute BEST in professional quality trampoline equipment for private use. We can help you choose the right trampoline for your family, budget and backyard. To shop for your new trampoline visit Jump Sport today.

Here are the top 3 benefits of trampolines:

  • Efficient Exercise: Studies have shown that jumping for 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run.

  • Cardiovascular Fitness:Because jumping is a moderate-to-high level aerobic workout, it will increase your heart rate to a healthy level.

  • Interval Training: Jumping on a trampoline allows for interval training so your workout is varied and you can increase your workout time.

4 important decisions BEFORE ordering

  • ​Pitch of the rink site
  • ​​Access to water
  • Convenience of use
  • ​Size of the rink

  Make your own backyard ice rink quickly and easily with NiceRink's wide array of outdoor ice rink supplies. From ice rink liners to backyard ice rink boards to ice resurfacers, NiceRink has you covered.

Be sure to check out our purchaser's guide for more information on ice rink installations.

  Congratulations on purchasing your new play set, basketball system, trampoline or ice rink! Now you need it installed? Check out our purchaser guides below. Designed to inform our customers of the best practices and procedures for a quality installation.

Purchase a Nice Rink Ice Rink and have us install it.  

We recommend Nice Rink for the absolute BEST in backyard ice rink experiences. We can help you choose the right type of rink for your family, budget and backyard. To purchase your new backyard ice rink visit Nice Rink today. 

Contact us for an estimate on our installation services.

Purchase a Backyard Adventures Play Set and have us install it.

We recommend Backyard Adventures for ultimate family fun! We can help you choose the best swing or play set for your family, budget and backyard. To shop for your new play set visit Backyard Avdentures today.

   It’s a risk to make faulty assumptions about when to notify Dig Safe.  That’s why state law  requires you to notify Dig Safe for even small projects, like installing a mailbox or planting shrubs.  The depth of utility lines vary, and there may be multiple utility lines in a common area.

   It’s important to know what’s below.  Call 811 to avoid utility service disruption to an entire neighborhood, harm to you and those around you, as well as fines and repair costs.

  Versacor Enterprises Inc. will not perform any installation or landscaping services without the customer's property being properly inspected and marked by dig safe before your scheduled installation or landscaping service. For more information please visit Dig Safe.   

Purchase a basketball system and have us install it.  

We disassemble and dispose of your old basketball system upon request (additional fees may apply).

We recommend several brands for the absolute BEST in professional quality basketball systems for private use. We can help you choose the 

right system for your family, budget and backyard. For more options on your new basketball system click here.   





Goalrilla Basketball Systems

  • Goalrilla hoops give you the freedom to focus  on  what’s  important: conquering your next goal.

MegaSlam Basketball Systems

  • Mega Slam Hoops specializes in manufacturing 
    professional grade in-ground adjustable 
    basketball hoops. 

Pro Dunk Basketball Systems

  • The highest customer-rated in-ground, adjustable 
    basketball goal available

  Trampoline Safety is our Top Priority

  The majority of trampoline accidents occur on the jumping surface. JumpSport is the first and only company to design and engineer the World's Safest Trampolines! JumpSport's Safety-Enhanced outdoor trampolines are specifically designed to reduce jumping related injuries.

The 3 most important safety features are:

  • Strong safety net that protects kids from falling off or impacting the frame or springs.
  •  An energy-absorbing bed/spring system that keeps jumpers safe from hard rebounds.  
  • Creating games that encourage safe play on the trampoline.



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