Outdoor Installations, Maintenance and Snow Removal


   When installed by Versacor Enterprises Inc, your set is leveled and tightened to suit your placement. All hardware is tightened at the time of installation; Shrinkage of wood due to Loss of moisture in the material causes clamps, bolts, and screws to loosen. This is natural and unavoidable when wood contracts and expands. LOOSE HARDWARE MUST BE ATTENDED TO. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to recognize this and tighten these items. Failure to do so could result in "tilting" of structures, separation of parts from connected unit, and poor, uneven wear on the overall unit. This tightening is most important during the first 3-9 months after set up, because this is when the material will be the most reactive. Following this period of time the material acclimates to its environment and becomes more stable in retaining its size. Periodic checks should be made from time to time. Slides and ramps should NEVER be lifted off the ground. This causes undue stress on the connection point at the deck, and may result in splitting or cracking the slide or ramp. Such damage IS NOT covered by the warranty and constitutes improper care of the equipment. Replacement or repair would be the responsibility of the homeowner.

   Care: Staining your set is recommended at least once a year. Your set was stained at the factory. We recommend you continue to use a high-quality product such as Wood-Glow to treat your play set. You may purchase Wood-Glow by the gallon at our store. Versacor Enterprises Inc. offers a full service maintenance program. If you are interested in this service, please speak with your salesperson.

   Checking: This is the result of the natural release of water from the wood. Checking may appear as small hairline openings running along a timber. These openings may contract or expand with changes in climate. Affected pieces are not considered replaceable under the warranty unless it impairs the structural integrity of the product. 

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