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Play Set Installation Purchasers Guide

   Congratulations on the purchase of your new playset. We thank you for choosing Versacor Enterprises Inc. At Versacor Enterprises Inc. we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and the best playset services in the world. Our knowledgeable sales representatives and certified installation teams are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have prepared this purchaser guide to help you prepare for the installation of your playset. Please read through this guide carefully so that we may answer any questions you may have about the installation of your playset. From all of us here at Versacor Enterprises Inc, thank you for choosing The World’s Finest Outdoor Installation company.  

  Trenching fees are paid the day of Installation. Installers may have credit card form or Call Lee at 774-696-7612 credit cards are preferred payment MC or Visa 


  Return fees are paid before you receive your new Installation date. Balance on your play set is paid morning of the Installation; we will charge your card on file.  

  Preparing for the Installation of Your Play Set Ground conditions and adequate space are absolutely essential for proper installation and are the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOMEOWNER. The following are some helpful guidelines to aid you in assessing your ground space and some necessary steps to allow the install team to properly install your play set. If these guidelines are not followed your install date may be postponed and/or additional charges may apply. If you believe there may be a problem with the area in your yard, please discuss with your salesperson or a member of the install team BEFORE DELIVERY. Any tower, fort, or clubhouse structure MUST sit on flat, level ground. The dimensions of your play set can be found in the catalog, or they can be obtained from your salesperson. The install teams DO NOT “dig out” or “level off” areas in order to install playsets. Leveling is your responsibility and must be done BEFORE we arrive. Slopes in the area must be minimal. The installation price includes leveling for up to 2” over a 10’ area. This may be determined by placing a 10’ board on the high end of the slope, placing a level on the board, raising the board until it is level, and measuring the distance at the low end from the ground to the bottom of the board. If this is more than 2”, the area is not level enough. Trenching or digging up areas to erect the playset properly will result in a Leveling Fee of $75.00 per hour (1-hour minimum). This is paid day of Installation, pay with credit card form or call Lee at 774-696-7612 credit card is preferred payment. Large pieces of rock will not be dug out to level your play set. If your slope is more than 6 inches (off level), it is not safe to install your play set. We will then have to reschedule your installation and you will be charged a $200.00 return fee. Your playset is designed to sit on a solid, hard surface (i.e. dirt or grass). A loose or soft surface may result in your playset leaning or sagging to one side as the unit settles. If you are bringing in topsoil, it must be tightly packed. If it is determined by the install team to be too loose, we will have to reschedule and you will be charged a $200.00 Return Fee. If the designated area for your play set will contain rubber mulch, sand, pea gravel, wood chips, or other ground covers, it is necessary to wait to fill the area until AFTER your playset has been installed. If your ground cover is already in place, you must have it cleared away BEFORE the install team arrives. Trenching or digging will result in a Leveling Fee of $75.00 per hour (30 minute minimum). We CANNOT place the play set on blocks, timbers, or anything of the sort. If you insist that we install on a non-solid surface, we are not responsible for settling that will occur, whether it happens in 2 years or 2 days. The install team cannot dig to level the playset through weed barrier. If weed barrier is in place when the install team arrives there are two options:

  1.The Install team can remove the weed barrier, The install team is not responsible to damage done to the weed barrier.

  2. They can set up the playset on top of the weed barrier regardless of how level the ground is. If this is the option that you choose, we are not responsible for the appearance of safety of your playset, and your warranty may be void. The given dimensions of your pay set are for the footprint only. An additional six feet of obstruction-free space is needed in each direction around your play set. An obstruction includes but is not limited to: houses, cement edging or driveways, landscaping timbers, drop-offs, fences or property lines (where fences may someday be erected), and trees. If you are planning to move any obstructions, it MUST be moved before your scheduled install date. Some exceptions can be made in certain places, but they must be discussed with your salesperson or a member of the installation team BEFORE delivery. In cases where space is a problem, consult your salesperson for suggestions. If there is insufficient space, we will have to reschedule your installation and charge you a $200.00 Return Fee. Tree branches or other items in the way of erecting the playset MUST be removed BEFORE installation begins and are the responsibility of the homeowner. The install team will NOT remove branches or other obstructions. If these items are not removed before the install team arrives, we will have to reschedule your installation and charge you a $200.00 Return Fee. The install team is not responsible for buried lines or utilities when installing your play set. If you have a concern, you must provide plans to identify any buried lines or utilities (call Dig Safe) where the playset is to be installed. Contact with buried lines or sprinkler heads becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to resolve. The install team does not move sprinklers. NOTE: If you think we are going to be digging/trenching to Install your play set properly, call Dig Safe. It’s a free service. Before you dig, call Dig safe it’s the law in MA. Your installation may be rescheduled due to excessive amounts of rain or snow. During winter months, snow accumulations MUST be removed prior to installation. Your sprinklers MUST be turned off the day before to prevent the ground from being wet. All animal feces (including wild animals that travel across your property) MUST be removed from the assembly area, since they are unhealthy, unsanitary, and unsightly when adhered to your play set. It is not recommended that the playset is installed in an area where sod had been recently laid, as there will be heavy traffic in the area. The install team follows a tight schedule and does not have time to wait while unfinished preparations are taken care of. If the area is not prepared before the install team arrives, we will have to reschedule your installation and charge you a $200.00 Return Fee. Versacor Enterprises Inc. follows all A.S.T.M. safety codes when installing your play set. These safety codes (such as the 6’ perimeter around the playset) are for your children’s safetyVersacor Enterprises inc WILL NOT install play sets in any way that violates these codes. If you believe there may be a safety code issue, please consult with your salesperson or a member of the install team before your scheduled installation date. The Installation Of Your Play Set You must be home when the install team arrives. If no one is home there would be a $200.00 Return Fee. When the install team arrives, they will need to be directed to the prepared install site. As there are sometimes different ways in which the playsets can fit together, they will need to verify the orientation of your accessories. Therefore, a responsible adult must be present at that time. 

  Due to the manner in which the playset will be assembled, it is very difficult for the install team to show you the exact placement of your swing beam. Therefore, there may be a foot of variation in the final installation. Once the site selection and play set orientation have been decided upon, the install team will set up the basic frame of your playset. This can take between 25 to 90 minutes. Once again they will need to talk with you to verify the EXACT placement of your playset. It is important that you confirm the location, placement, and orientation of your play set BEFORE THE INSTALLATION PROGRESSES BEYOND THIS POINT, as the units are extremely difficult, if not impossible to move later on (charges will apply if you want us to take apart swing set and move it). Even slight adjustments or angle change movements may not be possible after the install team has progressed too far. You must be there at this point of the installation if you desire a precise positioning in your yard. If you or a responsible adult with decision-making authority will not be there for either of these two confirmations, the install team will do the best they can, but where they place the set is where it will stay. A return to the site to “amend” a play set will result in an additional charge for you. When the install team has completed the playset, you should check it over and look for anything that does not meet your satisfaction. Point out anything that you notice to the install team, so they can fix it or make arrangements to have it fixed. All customer service and defect/warranty issues are handled by the Versacor Enterprises Inc Labor are not included to replace missing items and dmg parts from boxes. When the install team is done, any remaining balance must be settled with the install team. unless prior arrangements have been made. NOTE: Installation dates and times could change due to weather or difficult installations that are scheduled ahead of your sale. We will do our best to keep your scheduled date and time slot.

   I have read and understood the terms of this purchasers guide. By signing below I acknowledge that Versacor Enterprises Inc. will perform the agreed upon installation according to the terms above.

Signature: ______________________________________

Date: _____________

Versacor Enterprises Inc. has completed the installation of my playset, and I am satisfied with the placement of the installation. If I request that Versacor Enterprises Inc. return to make adjustments to the placement or position of my Play Set at a later date, additional installation charges will apply.

Signature: ______________________________________

Date: _____________

   * If you will not be present during all of the installation or at the completion of your installation, you must agree to the following:

   I am requesting that Versacor Enterprises Inc. install my playset even though I will not be present during all of the installation or at the completion of the installation process. I understand that I do not have control over the exact placement of my playset and that Versacor Enterprises Inc. will use their best judgment in following the directions I have given them regarding the installation of my playset. I understand that Versacor Enterprises Inc. will not return to make adjustments to the placement or position of my Play set once the installation has been completed. If I request that Versacor Enterprises Inc. return to make adjustments to the placement or position of my playset at a later date, additional installation charges will apply.

Signature: ______________________________________

Date: _____________ 

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